Rules & Points of Emphasis


Equipment: Players are required to wear full pads, cup, and a mouthpiece. Rib pads and bicep pads are strongly recommended but not mandatory. Cleats are not permitted on the fields.

Goalie pads: Goalies are required to wear full box lacrosse pads.

Shot clock: A 30-second shot clock is in play at all times.

Screens/Picks: Your stick is allowed to be used in setting and pushing off on-ball and off-ball picks. A player’s feet MUST be set for all picks and screens. Aggressive cross-checking will be a time-serving penalty.

Boarding is STRICTLY prohibited and will be a five–minute Major time-serving penalty. However, a defensive player can block the lane, or squeeze a player along the boards with a stationary pick.

Loose ball interference: This will be called tight. Constantly remind players to go for the ball when the ball is loose and not to engage another player.

Checking from behind: Zero tolerance for backchecks or any check from behind. Remind all players and coaches before and during the game to stay off the back. Backchecks are extremely dangerous and will be a 5-minute major penalty.

No stick swinging, slashing: Stick checks to the gloves, arms, head, and body are time serving penalties.

Face-off: No trapping or clamping, the first motion has to be back away from the ball.

Match Penalties: Fighting, bullying or any attempt to intentionally hurt another player is an automatic Match Penalty and is immediate ejection from the game and at least the next game.


  • A minimum of a 3-minute warm-up is allowed before each game. Referees will give a warning one minute before the start. If one team is not ready, we will award possession to the non-offending team.
  • (3) – 15 minute running time periods for High School Division Games.
  • (3) – 12 minute running time periods for 5th – 8th Grade Division Games.
  • 2 minutes between periods.
  • The clock stops in the last minute of each game.
  • One 30-second timeout per team per game. The clock will only stop during the last minute of the third period. Because of that, you CANNOT call a timeout when your team is shorthanded during Pool Play.
  • WE WILL STOP THE CLOCK for timeouts in the playoffs, and both teams can call a timeout with possession of the ball — only one timeout per team, per game.
  • The Game Clock only stops in the last minute of the third period, or during timeouts in the playoffs.
  • Match Penalties: Fighting, bullying or any attempt to intentionally hurt another player is an automatic Match Penalty and is immediate ejection from the game and at least the next game.
  • Boards and glass are in play. If the ball hits a net, it is considered out-of-bounds.
  • If the game is tied at the end of regulation, there will be a best of 3 shootout.
    • Only the players on the field at the end of regulation participate in the shootout.
    • If still tied after the best of 3 shootout, it becomes sudden death shootout.
    • Each player can only shoot once.
    • Playoff Exception: Coaches can pick their shootout players from the entire roster during the shootout only.

IMPORTANT: Any player or team intentionally not abiding the tournament or facility rules can be ejected at any time. This includes dangerous horseplay and vandalism of the facility.


USBOXLA wants to make this a fantastic experience for all. For many, this is their first exposure to Authentic Box Lacrosse.

  • If a player is injured, all other players proceed to their bench. Once the player is up, encourage all players to bang the board with their sticks to show good sportsmanship.
  • No more than an eight–goal difference will appear on the scoreboard. Continue to count all goals on the score sheet.
  • Gloves off, helmets on to shake hands at the end of the game. Every player should also shake the referee’s hand.


  • Players: All registered players have identified a USBOXLA membership number with their registration. This membership includes player insurance.
  • Coaches and Referees: All Coaches and Referees who have become certified with USBOXLA and joined our league are covered under the USBOXLA insurance policy.